Market Standards

We value all Market vendor businesses and enjoy representing a variety of people, products, and organizations. Integrating meaningful areas of focus, our Standards support wholesome, cost-effective, fresh food choices, environmental health, economic profitability and social and economic equity.  

Raising the bar:  Across the country, consumers presume that Farmers’ Markets are a ‘safe place’ to shop and as the Market continues to evolve, we will strive to meet customer expectations.  Currently, over 90% of the farms and ranches represented at our Markets are focused on sustainable, regenerative and holistic practices. Additionally, among Food and Hand-Made Artisans, we host the largest number of vendor companies that do not use artificial ingredients and have a commitment to creating products that are good for everyone and the environment. Vendor Companies that are committed to prioritized Market Standards as outlined below are recognized and highlighted on the Market’s website and in social media posts throughout the season. This ancillary Marketing and Promotion supports the evolution of the Markets and the health of our community.   

Simply put, they emphasize the importance of methods of production using processes and systems that are non-polluting, conserve non-renewable energy and natural resources, are economically efficient, are safe for workers, communities and consumers, and do not compromise the needs of future generations.


  •  All vendors must provide proof of all applicable insurance, license and permits.

  • We do not accept what could be considered garage sale/flea market items.

  • We do not accept what may be considered State Fair foods (Cotton Candy - Funnel cakes, etc.) The Market supports primarily healthy food options. Exceptions include true artisan food creations.

  • No political or religious campaigning is permitted. 

  • Any food product from outside the state will be strictly a farmer-to-farmer-to-market product, will be rigorously monitored and limited, and only eligible for sale upon the approval of management (ex: maple syrup, molasses, apple cider vinegar, etc.) Exceptions may be permitted for Fair/Direct Trade Vendor Companies whose products do not compete with Market producers. 

  • No Multi Level Businesses (MLM) Permitted.


Conventional practices such as the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, Genetically Modified crops, feed ingredients, and added hormones and antibiotic use, are ever-growing health concerns so we’re doing our part to reduce them. By giving priority to farmers and ranchers who use environmentally responsible, healthful, and humane methods, we are working to ensure our customers feel confident about what they are putting on their plate.  

  • All produce must be grown in Kansas.

  • Meat and poultry products must be raised and processed in Kansas.

  • Meat/poultry products must be grown/raised by the vendor company.

  • Priority is given to produce and meat/poultry products grown/raised using environmentally responsible, healthful and humane methods.

  • Priority is given to safe to consume foods that are unusual, unique or not adequately represented at the Market.

  • Genetically Modified Crops (GMOs) are not permitted to be sold.

 Food Artisans

There is a plethora of definitions and opinions related to synthetic food ingredients, so we’re clarifying the line and demystifying our customer’s shopping experience. We discourage the use of artificial ingredients, including food colorings in all foods intended for human consumption. 

  • Bakery and ready to eat food items must be made by the vendor.

  • Priority is given to products that are unique, handmade and of the highest quality.

  • Priority is given to vendors who offer foods made from market-purchased ingredients and/or Kansas-produced fresh and healthful ingredients.

  • Priority is always given to producers who do not use artificial ingredients. We encourage the use of ingredients that are organic or produced using safe practices/methods.

  • Food items that are not grown and/or processed by the vendor are strictly limited and only eligible for sale upon approval.

  • Beverages not produced by vendor business (i.e. cans of soda or juice and bottled water) are not permitted to be sold. No bottled water - even if it’s free.

  • Overly processed foods are not permitted to be sold. (As determined by Management)

 Handmade Artisans

We have a true admiration for skilled craft and artists although not all arts and crafts are a good fit for the Market. First priority is always given to farmers, ranchers and food artisans; after all, it is a Farmers’ Market. We are always looking for that diversified, optimal mix and seek products and goods that are perfect for that discerning individual.

  • All work must be of original design and produced/processed by the artist. (“handcrafted”)

  • Priority is given to artisans whose products align with food/kitchen and health and sustainability. 

  • All work must be safe, non-toxic and fit for its intended use. 

  • We discourage the use of artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals in all personal care body products, candles, etc.  

  • Priority is always given to producers who do not use artificial ingredients. We encourage the use of materials/ingredients that are organic or produced using safe practices/methods.

  • No pieces/items shall be permitted that are derived from kits.

  • The work sold at Market by the artist must match the quality and balance of the images submitted during the application process.

  • Pieces/Items must add to the valued diversity, be of high quality, unique or not adequately represented at the Market.

  • Priority is given to vendors who utilize sustainable and eco-friendly practices within their standard operating procedures.