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Re-linking the system from soil to table


We work to understand the contours, swales and dams that guide the flow of local food from producer to consumer. Providing direct sales opportunities and business incubation systems, we enhance the community and stimulate the city and state’s economy. Through our unique birds-eye-view of a large network, our goal is to be a valued influence on the practices, quantity, diversity, movement and demand of foods being produced in and around Wichita. Gaining an understanding of the quantity and diversity of the #ICTfoodshed is also of great interest to us. Our systems enable us to develop and lead new forward-thinking logistic solutions and affords us valuable insight into the needs of the community.

Farmers’ Markets

Working for the producer and consumer equally, we are committed to maintaining a fair, friendly and diverse marketplace with the highest quality products available. Optimizing both vendor and customer experiences; we operate fun and engaging Markets.

Farm and Art Plaza was planned in 1987 with the idea that Wichita’s downtown needed a special place that supports area food producers and artisans. Some thirty years later, Wichita’s locavore appetite has never been stronger and the Market has become a weekly destination for thousands of area residents and a must-see for visitors to the city.

Planned throughout 2018 and to be launched in April of 2019, the city of Goddard is a forward thinking community that has become a destination for people seeking a family oriented, active lifestyle.

Working within a community of producers, restaurants, organizations and municipalities we’re improving access to locally produced food and artisan goods.

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In Season Bistro

In Season Bistro is an unassuming pop-up Farm-to-Table eatery at Old Town Farmers’ Market. A Market brunch experience like no other; we publish a hyper-seasonal micro-menu weekly, highlighting the freshest ingredients and finest artisan foods available.

Our purpose is to reveal the simplicity of making and eating delicious, real food, while helping financially support Old Town Farmers' Market's programs. There is no doubt that the area’s finest in sustainably grown produce and responsibly farm-raised beef, pork and poultry can be found at Old Town Farmers' Market. Sourcing first from Market producers and Kansas farms, then filling ingredient gaps with Certified Organic options, our desire is to increase the sales of Market producers and highlight the quality and importance of food ingredients grown, raised and sold in Kansas. 

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