Ecosystem Services


Pioneering a better approach to small-scale farm and gardens.

We are clearing the path… regeneratively.

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Safe Fertilization and Pest Management

Keep your family safe while enhancing nature’s powers in your landscape and garden.

FARMS - Ask us about our on-call Diagnoses and Prescription Service!

Improving plant vigor, health, and tolerance of biotic and abiotic stresses, our organic programs promote healthy plant life and manage pest pressure holistically. We apply omri-listed organic nutrients, biostimulants and microorganisms to improve the health of your plants and soil. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. We only use safe, biological controls and organic products and practices. Our job is to create health and abundance on the farm, in the landscape and/or garden and we achieve this through an integrated, ecological approach.

3 to 5 affordable applications each season is all you need to feed your landscape or garden.

Service price typically costs less than a DIY conventional program.

Contact us today and begin transforming your dirt into a living, diverse, soil food web.

Regenerative Farm, Landscape, Veggie and Pollinator Gardens

Bi-weekly, monthly or one-off service options available:

  • School Gardens

  • Residential Garden and Landscape Maintenance

  • Edible Landscapes

  • Vegetable Gardens

  • Irrigation System Management (Start-up, optimization & winterization)

  • Annual/Perennial Flower Beds & Potted Arrangements (Honey bee, butterfly and cut flower gardens)

  • Organic Fertilization and Pest Management Programs, Services and Consultation


Diversified, professional experience, yielding measurable benefits.

  • Market Farm, Home Garden, and School Garden Planning

  • Farm/Garden Product and Material Acquisition

  • Pollinator Support Systems and Gardens

  • Habitat Gardens

  • Fertility Management

  • Pest Insect, Disease & Weed Management Programs & Strategies

  • Soil Test Interpretation and Prescriptions

  • Small-Scale Market Farming & Specialty Crop Strategies

  • Farm, Garden and Landscape Audits and Assessments

  • Soil Improvement & Remediation

I’m not an environmentalist, or a doctor, or a nutritionist.
— Chef and Author, Dan Barber