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Working for the producer and consumer equally, we are committed to maintaining fair, friendly and diverse marketplaces with the highest quality products available. Optimizing both vendor and customer experiences; we operate fun and engaging Markets.  

New to the are in 2019, Goddard Farmers’ Market is perfect for that Family Oriented, Active Lifestyle .

Goddard has become a destination for people seeking a family oriented, active lifestyle. Located at Linear Park, in and around the newly constructed pavilion, the Market is a rewarding destination for people seeking shopping experiences with local Farmers, Ranchers, Food and Handmade Artisans while enjoying live music, and a great selection of food trucks.

Old Town Farmers’ Market is Wichita's year-round local shopping experience.

Better for you. Better for Wichita.

Farm and Art Plaza was planned in 1987 with the idea that Wichita’s downtown needed a special place that supports area food producers and artisans. Some thirty years later, Wichita’s locavore appetite has never been stronger and the Market has become a weekly destination for thousands of area residents and a must-see for visitors to the city.

Integrating meaningful areas of focus, our Standards support wholesome, cost-effective, fresh food choices, environmental health, economic profitability and social and economic equity.

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