Want to join one of our Markets? Consider these three points first.

We don’t believe in closing vendor applications in the spring. A Farmers’ Market exists for many reasons, one being to incubate small, locally focused, direct-to-consumer businesses. We offer year-round Market sales opportunities, so if you and your products make the cut, we’re ready to support you.

Three points to consider before applying to our Markets:

1.     Does your business meet our Market Standards?

Did you know the vast majority of Farmers’ Markets don’t have standards? Across the country, consumers presume that Farmers’ Markets are a ‘safe place’ to shop and as the Market continues to evolve, we will strive to meet customer expectations.  Currently, over 90% of the farms and ranches represented at our Markets are focused on sustainable, regenerative and holistic practices. Additionally, among Food and Hand-Made Artisans, we host the largest number of vendor companies that do not use artificial ingredients and have a commitment to creating products that are good for everyone and the environment.

2.     Have you done your homework?

Vendors at the Market operate as small businesses and are held to a lot of the same legal requirements as a brick and mortar retail store. For example, all food vendors at our Markets are required to have Product Liability Insurance and we strongly encourage the use of real ingredients that are organic or produced using safe practices/methods. (Simply put, we don’t like GMOs, foods laden with unhealthy or toxic ingredients or unnecessary waste.) So, review the Market Standards and the Rules and Regulations – both clearly outline the processes by which the Market operates. Once you’ve done both, then you’ll know whether you’re ready to submit your application.

3.     Do you have the ‘magic sauce’ it takes to be successful at the Market?

We offer the most cost-effective option to access intense retail sales opportunities with very low fixed costs for you. Direct-to-consumer sales through the Market are a fraction of the costs involved in setting up and paying the necessary overhead at your own retail operation. Yet, for you to be successful, you must be prepared and committed.

When you’re ready to reach more customers and make sales, you won’t find a more supportive Market community than right here. But now you know , with us, it’s not as easy as just reserving a space and setting some products out on a table.

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