Design and Installation Services


Integrated, high-impact, regenerative design and installation strategies for residential landscapes, vegetable gardens, and small-scale farms.  

Our need for high-performance landscapes and regenerative design has never been more important. The interrelated nature between soils, plants, humans, and ecosystem functions offer inspiring possibilities. Utilizing native plants, well-adapted introductions, and water-wise practices, our team creates aesthetically pleasing settings and highly functional systems. 

  • Landscape Bed Renovations
  • Tree Installation
  • Edible Landscapes  
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Butterfly and Pollinator Gardens  
  • Rain Catchment Strategies and Systems  
  • Urban and Small Scale Farms  
  • Habitat Gardens  
  • Annual and Perennial Pollinator-Friendly Flower Beds and Potted Arrangements

Personal, Holistic-Minded Gardeners

Presenting a broad range of customized landscape maintenance services, we are the private gardeners you’ve been looking for!

Our professional experience and passion driven knowledge base ensures a focused service, yielding environmental benefits, overall health, aesthetic value, and monetary gains.    

Organic  Fertilization Programs

We prefer to sustain plants naturally. Our safe, organic programs promote plant vigor and quality, higher yields, build soil health, nutrient retention, and encourage pest insect and disease resistance while building tolerance to abiotic plant stresses.

Conventional synthetic fertilizers and pest control chemicals do the opposite. 

Utilizing the latest in safe, eco-friendly, and organic materials, we apply diverse formulations of compounds, substances, and microorganisms as fertilizers and biostimulants. Our programs are regenerative in nature. We foster true health in the landscape and garden by offering holistic, integrated pest-insect, disease, and weed management strategies for every situation.


Each visit, we focus on all landscape plantings, not just the lawn. Every 35-45 days throughout the growing season we apply the necessary fertilizers and bio-stimulants to bring back optimal health, beauty, and the positive overall regenerative gain of your landscape or garden.