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Find safe, organic lawn and garden fertilizers, amendments and pest control products. Order online and pick up your product(s) at our office or Old Town Farmers' Market on Saturdays. 


Find safe, OMRI Listed Organic, lawn and garden fertilizers, amendments, pest control products and farm materials. 

Call us with any questions or order online and pick up your products at our office or at Old Town Farmers' Market each Saturday. 

Lady Bug Pachamama Work Castings

Lady Bug Pachamama Work Castings


· the end result of the breakdown of organic matter by Red Wiggler Worms

· worms are fed a healthy array of plant-based material and dairy manure, making a naturally rich compost that helps to retain moisture and provide nitrogen that is more easily absorbed than other composts or fertilizers

· use when germinating seeds, blending potting soil, and transplanting everything from vegetables to roses and trees

· can be used for compost tea


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