Marketplace Producers

If you are in the business of integrity-based food or high-quality artisan and handcrafted goods, keep reading!   Request access below and join us in the opportunity to bring the highest quality food and handcrafted products in the area to a marketplace seeking your dedication, skills and creativity. 

Don’t waste time chasing customers and never ending logistics nightmares. We offer an easy to use, responsive online platform that adapts to any computer, smartphone or tablet.  No special apps required!  We help maximize your processes, such as branding, marketing, customer acquisition and retention, accounting and sales, allowing you the necessary time needed to increase yields and produce valuable goods.  

We believe in the importance of knowing where our food comes from and how it was raised or grown.  In our opinion, today more than ever, a farmer focused on growing the cleanest, most nutrient dense, fresh, local food should be worth their weight in gold. We also believe in supporting the artists and craftsmen in our community that are passionate about the quality of their products. We’ve had enough of the cheap, disposable world! A rapidly growing number of people are realizing the value in keeping their money within the community and are now seeking quality, long lasting, handmade goods created by talented friends and neighbors. We're honored to say, our customer base are these conscious consumers.  

Everyone approved to sell through the Marketplace has met FarmShop's Standards and Practices requirements which consists of important and meaningful components of sustainability that can be managed in an operation. Absolutely, no conventional produce, ingredients or products are allowed to be sold through FarmShop Marketplace.  All ingredients used are required to be  synthetic chemical free, non GMO and/or 100% Certified Organic. Our customers are conscious about the food they eat and the products they buy, so the relationships we have with Marketplace producers along with our Standards and Practices are critical components in ensuring they receive only the highest quality goods. 

 As a collaborative effort, our goal is to agree to operate within these meaningful standards. They are the initial base of producer to consumer introduction. Our model encourages personal relationships between these two parties without requiring burdensome paperwork or extraneous inspector visits that take time away from creating valuable products for our community.  NOTE: All food producers should expect periodic visits from a FarmShop representative throughout the year. Although we don't consider ourselves to be "inspectors", we do complete extensive audits for each producer and work with them to help improve sustainability,  abundant yields, quality, sourcing and marketability.