Cultivating Change from Soil-to-Table
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Local Food

Re-linking the system from soil to table


Farmers' Market

Through our team's comprehensive, 21st Century approach to operating Wichita's downtown Farmers' Market, we have developed processes and practices that create fun and engaging Markets. 

We are the partners you've been looking for!

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Local food & farm events

Interested in hosting a farm tour, local-food event or soiree at your home or farm?

You've come to right place!

Our event management strategies and network of quality producers, food service staff, speakers and entertainers means you can relax and leave the heavy lifting to us. 

Local food brokers

Need 300 Watermelons? Want to supply your menu with the freshest in local ingredients? Interested in canning and putting up a supply for the cupboard? 

Save time and money!

Streamlining connections between producers, restaurants, food service organizations, and individuals is our business.