Private Landscape Gardening

Fine details matter. Clean, complementing colors, pristine and fresh should be the end result after some time in the landscape’s ornamental beds. Knowledge and passion is key in the proper care of ornamental plantings. All cultivars require different cultural practices. Corrective pruning, trimming, mulching and supplemental moisture management are factors that should be considered while maintaining the landscape.

Rainwater Harvesting: Working with you towards smarter management and control of the water that falls on your property; we offer a collection of design principles, techniques and systems to help hold, use and clean water within your landscape.

Rethinking the way we use water conserves our natural resource and saves our customers hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars per year. Monetary savings include building better soil, increased health and diversity in the plant life while reducing the amount of necessary supplemental water.

Soil Biology:

The key to good soil structure is organic matter and thriving communities of soil organisms. Organic amendments stimulate biology, bringing life back to soils. Amendments stimulate soil biology and in-turn help to create healthy plants. Did you know, there are more living organisms in two handfuls of healthy soil than all the people on earth?

Audit Irrigation Systems and Practices to Improve Plant Health and Reduce Supplemental Water Usage.

Install new, or retrofit your existing irrigation system with the latest in water-wise irrigation controllers and parts.

Organic Fertilization

Nature Driven Nutrient Program:

It’s true that commonly used lawn and garden chemicals pose significant health risks for people, as well as pets, wildlife and soil. Storm water runoff from landscapes carry those toxic chemicals into surface waters where they also cause harm to aquatic organisms. They also migrate underground, contaminating fresh groundwater resources.

Soil is the most important piece of the puzzle in overall plant health, so working towards healthy soil ecology serves to sustain the garden and landscape naturally. The use of diverse formulations of compounds, substances and micro-organisms should be applied to the landscape as biostimulants. Our nature driven nutrient program incorporates some of the latest in eco-friendly and organic materials.