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In Season Bistro

We publish a hyper seasonal micro-menu weekly highlighting the freshest ingredients and best artisan foods available. 

In Season Bistro

Real Ingredients. Great Food.

In Season Bistro is an unassuming pop-up Farm-to-Table eatery at Old Town Farmers’ Market. A Market brunch experience like no other;

we publish a hyper-seasonal micro-menu weekly, highlighting the freshest ingredients and finest artisan foods available.

Old Town Farmers' Market at Farm & Art Plaza: Saturdays from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. We hope you'll join us!

Bistro hours are 8:00 am-noon

July 21st Menu

Market Veggie Burrito                                                                                                      $8.00

Market veggies, pasture-raised eggs, and shredded organic cheese wrapped in an organic flour tortilla. Served with your choice of fire-roasted mild, hot, green chili, or pico de gallo. All sauces are freshly made with Market ingredients.

OFTM Biscuits and gravy                                                                                                   $8.00

Fresh baked biscuits smothered in a country sausage gravy, hard boiled eggs and chopped bacon. Topped with a farm fresh egg, cooked to order.

Yum yum Sliders                                                                                                                 $9.00

Graze the Prairie ground beef sliders basted with a sweet chili glaze, Kan-Grow Hydro Yum Yum mix. Served with a side of blistered Shishito peppers. 


Our purpose is to reveal the simplicity of making and eating delicious, real food, while helping financially support Old Town Farmers' Market's programs. There is no doubt that the area’s finest in sustainably grown produce and responsibly farm-raised beef, pork and poultry can be found at Old Town Farmers' Market. Sourcing first from Market producers and Kansas farms, then filling ingredient gaps with Certified Organic options, our desire is to increase the sales of Market producers and highlight the quality and importance of food ingredients grown, raised and sold in Kansas.