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In Season @ OTFM,

Real ingredients. Great food. 

At FarmShop, our desire is to express the importance and quality of food ingredients grown and raised in Kansas. We appreciate the history of the plant or animal, the story of the farmer who produced it, and the practices by which it was grown or raised. We also never forget, real food, whether plant or animal, starts with the soil.

Priority for In Season ingredients first goes to our amazing OTFM Market Farmers, then to Kansas based producers. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017 - In Season Menu: 

 Breakfast Frita Burger

1/4lb grilled Graze the Prairie Grassfed Beef seasoned with a Cuban flair!

Topped with melted cheese, an Orie’s Farm Fresh egg,  Central Standard Brewing - Red Cicada Sour Gose pickled red onion, and Brazilian Starfish pepper Sriracha Aioli on an Organic bun.

 and Served with OTFM fresh veggies on the side.


 Market Brunch Tacos

3 La Tradicion corn tortillas topped with sautéed OTFM veggies, Orie’s Farm Fresh scrambled eggs, finished with fresh OTFM greens and fresh made roasted Chile salsa


 Scrambled Nachos w/ Roasted Chile Salsa

 La Tradicion tortilla chips cooked with two Orie’s Farm Fresh scrambled eggs and your choice of:

- Roasted Hatch Green Chile Salsa (Hatch Chiles from Flower Meadow Farm)

- Roasted OTFM Jalapeño and Tomato Salsa

- or OTFM Garden Fresh Chunky Salsa


 La Tradicion tortilla chips and Choice of Salsa

- Hatch Green Chile Salsa

- Roasted Jalapeño and Tomato Salsa

- Garden Fresh Chunky Salsa