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OTFM @ Farm and Art Plaza


Buy amazing, real ingredients and handcrafted products from producers you know and trust. 
We encourage you to bring your own reusable grocery bags when you shop at OTFM.

Check out this week’s In Season menu and eat breakfast/lunch at the Market. 

September is Hatch Green Chile roasting month. Add that distinct flavor to your Chile’s by fire roasting them at the OTFM Information Booth! Did you know: roasting peppers slowly over a flame creates caramelization of sugars, which adds amazing flavor!

LIVE MUSIC: You are in for a treat this Saturday at OTFM! Matthew Human and Jenny Bowen will be performing from 10 am to noon. "Rooted in the best of country music traditions, Matthew Human's music is about the simple life, and what’s truly important – healthy food, clean air and water, true love, and community." 

-From 8-10 am get a FREE cup coffee! Brought to you by The Spice Merchant)Please bring your own reusable mug.
-Reduce waste and purchase upcycled, reusable mesh produce bags for only
$1.00 ea. These bags are created from Bartlett Arboretum tulip bags and are perfect for carrying produce home from the Market!

Meet your family and friends at OTFM this Saturday for great local food, handcrafted products, coffee and live music.