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November 12: In Season is back!

In Season

Real Ingredients. Great Food.

Proceeds support Old Town Farmers' Market and noteworthy Kansas producers.

Available at OTFM@Distillery 244 this Sunday. 

11/12/17 In Season menu ingredients from: 


Soup: Chicken and Green Chili   $7.00

Shredded Free Range chicken, fingerling potatoes, and navy beans simmered in a creamy green heirloom tomato chili. Served in a Delano bakery bread bowl.      

Salad: Spicy Asian Salad   $9.00

Spicy mustard greens, arugula, pea shoots, sunflower micro greens tossed in a sesame ginger vinaigrette with shredded carrots and radishes. Topped with a poached farm fresh egg.  

Garlic Sweet Potato Hash   $10.00

Roasted sweet potatoes, garlic confit, caramelized onions, chickpeas, and golden raisins topped with a fried duck egg, arugula, and black garlic reduction. Served with a roasted pumpkin puree, and toast.   

Kim Chi Stacker   $12.00

Smoked Faye Farm pork and kim chi topped with melted swiss, sriracha aioli and served on toasted rye. Side of wrinkled potatoes.   

Kids Menu - Build your Own  -price based on ingredient selections

Mix and match ingredients to meet the taste preferences of your child.  Create your own custom meal option using the ingredients used in each weekly menu. 

Our desire is to express the importance and quality of food ingredients grown and raised in Kansas. We appreciate the history of the plant or animal, the story of the farmer who produced it, and the practices by which it was grown, raised or produced. 

In Season ingredients are aggregated by FarmShop, then prepared and carefully curated by Chef Gerard Rodriguez, a well known fixture in Wichita's culinary community.