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FarmShop is leading the movement in Wichita’s sustainable local food system and landcare practices by providing holistically driven programs and services for market farms, landscapes, gardens, community, and more.

We are a small, professional team focused on Cultivating Change.

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Centered on capturing nature’s magnificence, we are reintroducing natural systems back into the Wichita area landscape!

Offering a range of specialized services for the landscape, garden and market farms.

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Our team also operates The Source Market Association. The Source Market Association is in pursuit of improved regenerative and restorative land stewardship, good health, and community based exchange. Working to help reshape local and regional food systems, we are Cultivating Change by planting powerful, innovative ideas and fostering special places where locally focused farmers, artisans and communities connect. 

The Source Market Association administers several local food related programs and events, while managing the operations of Wichita's Old Town Farmers' Market.